What is the treatment for tooth decay?

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Tooth decay is a complex problem. It is called dental caries in medical terms. Dental caries is a type of tooth decay.

We become anxious when tooth decay occurs. Once the pain starts, it can’t be normal anymore.

If the problem is identified and treated at the right time, it can be cured. Dr. Bardem General Hospital Senior Consultant (Honorary) said in detail about this. Arup Ratan Chowdhury.

There are no visible insects on the teeth. A type of bacteria is responsible for dental caries or tooth decay. Usually, after eating any type of sweet food, sugary food, chocolate, chewing gum, candy etc., a type of acid is formed in the mouth, which gradually erodes the hard coating ‘enamel’ on the teeth.

In those who eat more of these foods, the enamel wears down and cavities form in the teeth. A cavity or hole in the tooth accumulates dirt and food particles, resulting in infection. If children have this hole or cavity, they suffer from pain and their teeth grind when they try to eat something.

Dental caries initially look like tiny black holes. Because there is no pain or discomfort in this condition, patients, especially children, may not realize that a hole is forming. Complications are diagnosed only after they occur.

Prevention and Remedies (tooth decay)

As soon as a hole appears in the tooth, the empty space should be filled or filled. If the dental caries gradually moves deeper from the dentin to the pulp chamber, the intensity of the pain increases. The medical system also became complicated.

Cracked teeth can now be beautifully filled with filling material or Light Cure, which looks almost natural in color. A crown should not be placed on a root canal treated tooth.

Brush your teeth twice a day with a balanced fluoride toothpaste to prevent dental caries. Also, use a toothpaste that repairs enamel.

Avoid sugary drinks or sticky foods, junk food, coffee etc. or rinse your mouth after eating. Not just brushing, flossing or flossing should be done. Also have regular (at least twice a year) dental checkups by a registered dental surgeon.

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