We want vitamin A in baby food to prevent disease.

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One to five years is a very important time in a child’s life. From this time, the issue of taking and excluding food of the child is resolved. It is essential to have Vidani in the baby’s daily diet. This vitamin is usually found in animal bodies and is found in vegetables as carotene. Especially yellow-orange vegetables and fruits contain vitamin A.

Vitamin A is absorbed in the small intestine along with fat. Diseases that interfere with the absorption of fat in the body, in which the absorption and inhibition of vitamin A, and its deficiency in the body. Studies have shown that the amount of vitamin A stored in the newborn’s liver depends on the amount of vitamin A in the mother’s blood.

It can be seen that the quality of mother’s diet during pregnancy and breastfeeding depends on the growth rate of the baby. For this, it should be observed that colorful fruits and vegetables and milk, eggs, fish, meat, pulses and nuts should be included in the diet of mother and child.

A child’s daily vitamin A requirement is 2500 IU. Every year in our country children are given free ‘Vitamin A’ capsules. It is undoubtedly a good initiative. Vitamin A is not lost in cooking. However, some nutritional quality is lost in butter stored in the refrigerator. Cows that are not fed fresh green manure are deficient in Vitamin A in their milk. In addition to the health of the skin and hair of the body, there are three types of eye diseases due to the lack of vitamin A. Such as night blindness, dry eye and keratomalacia.

We want vitamin A in baby food to prevent disease.

* Raatkhana: In this disease, children do not see anything in their eyes after sunset. This is understood where there is no lighting system at night. Regular consumption of liver can cure this condition. However, if this disease is not diagnosed in time, even with sufficient vitamins, there is no work.

* Dry eyes: It causes sores in the eyeballs, pus in the eyes, lifeless eyes and dry eye coating particles. The luster of the eyes is lost and the pupils turn white. A large amount of vitamin A is beneficial. Cod liver oil, ghee, butter, carrot etc. are good to give along with ‘Vitamin A’ capsule according to importance.

* Keratomalacia: This disease is seen in children aged two to five years. In this, the wet and lively feeling of the eyes goes away and the eyes become dry and discolored. Eyes look blurry. If this condition continues, the pupil of the eye becomes filled with an opaque film, eventually leading to blindness.

In addition to eye diseases, due to lack of vitamin A, immunity decreases and colds and flu continue. Besides, the skin of the body becomes dry and rough. Hair fades. Breathing problems.

* Sources of ‘Vitamin A’: Carrot, corn, apple, ripe mango, ripe papaya, red grape, capsicum, colored potato, sweet pumpkin, lettuce leaf, green vegetables, tomato, saffron etc. Among the fish, molasses and molasses have sufficient vitamin A. Besides, butter, eggs, liver, cod liver oil, ghee, milk, beef contain vitamin A.

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