how to pronounce lettuce | Lettuce beneficial

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Lettuce leaves. Who doesn’t know this fibrous vegetable! Many people eat it raw. According to historians, its cultivation was first started by the Egyptians. They used to cultivate this leaf as a vegetable. Oil was also extracted from the seeds of this leaf. Later, however, the cultivation of these lettuce leaves was started by the Greeks and Romans. It is still cultivated in almost all countries.

Food lovers add to the list of food due to various qualities.

Here are some benefits of lettuce:

  1. Fibrous vegetable lettuce leaves. Digestion is also fast. It contains a small amount of cholesterol which is beneficial for the heart.
  2. It contains iron. Which is required for pregnant women.
  3. Protein plays a vital role in building muscle in the body. Regular lettuce leaves in salads give you a chance to get protein.
  4. Calcium can be obtained from lettuce leaves. There is no substitute for calcium in bone and tooth formation.
  5. Lettuce contains several types of B vitamins.
  6. Enough potassium is found in lettuce leaves. Which is also beneficial for blood.
  7. Lettuce leaves can fight cancer. It contains antioxidants like beta carotene and lutein. Which slows down the growth of cancer cells.

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