Facebook dating service has started now

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In today’s busy time, many people are interested in creating a relationship with each other by liking each other online. Facebook is trying to use the matter. The United States has started the Facebook dating service and matchmaking function yesterday.

Facebook said in a blog post that this facility called Facebook Dating will enable users to create meaningful relationships. It will show the mutual interests of two people. In this, Facebook directly competes with Match.com sites. Using Instagram with Facebook dating profile. Can add its paste directly.

The authority said that the Facebook service will be sufficiently safe and selective. Those who want to use it will have to block someone else or can file a complaint against him.

Individuals over the age of 18 will have the option to play separate dating profiles. Those who join the service will be advised by Facebook to connect with others.

If a person likes someone’s profile, he can tell by clicking on the like button or by commenting. If the topics do not match with each other, the user can send it to someone else.

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