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Welcome to Many people search for sad SMS on Google to lighten their grief by sharing their grief and pain with their loved ones through SMS. And if you’re one of them, you’ve come to the right place. Because in this post we have brought for you the best 60 Vary sad SMS and Bengali Sad Poem selected with pictures. You can easily copy these SMS and send them to your loved ones. Sad Shayari SMS

Very Sad SMS
Our lives are made up of all kinds of feelings. And grief is a part of that feeling. Just as we share happiness with our friends and loved ones, so we have to share our sorrows with our friends and loved ones. But if you can’t share your sad feelings with your loved ones due to a lack of proper sentences, then these sad SMS will help you to share your sad feeling


যখন আমি চাই তোমাকে কাছে  পেতে
তখনি তুমি চাও আমার থেকে দুরে জেতে
তুমি আমাকে আরে  কোনোদিন বুঝলে না
হারিয়ে আমাকে আর খুজলে না।

যে মনে কাল সপ্ন ছিলো, ছিলো ভালোবাসা
সে মনে আজ বেঙ্ঘে গেছে নাই কোনো আশা
যে মনে কাল জমা ছিলো  কতো না ভালো
সে মনে আজ দু:খ আছে কতো কষ্ট।


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