AI will inform about the possibility of rain two hours in advance

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The world has already started getting artificial intelligence (AI). With the help of artificial intelligence, all tasks can be done, which cannot be done by humans. Now it is known that artificial intelligence (AI) can predict whether it will rain within two hours. This is what has emerged in a recent research report by a group of UK researchers.

AI will inform about the possibility of rain two hours in advance

Researchers from Google-owned London AI lab DeepMind, the University of Exeter and the Meteorological Office, the UK’s government agency for weather research, teamed up to research the use of AI to predict weather. The AI ​​system capable of forecasting the weather is called the ‘nowcasting system’. Conventional methods of weather forecasting use complex equations. It provides information on possible weather changes from six hours to two weeks. But AI-based technology is also capable of providing short-term forecasts, the report said.

Experts say that due to climate change, the rate and amount of rain is increasing. Due to this, they are afraid of great loss of property and wealth. Better weather forecasts in the short term will help people stay safe, said Niall Robinson, head of partnerships and product innovation at the Meteorological Office.

Meanwhile, the report published in the science research journal ‘Nature’ says, “Meteorologists prefer this method (AI) more than other competing methods.”

About this new innovation, DeepMind’s senior researcher Shaker Mohamed said, ‘It is still in its early stages, but experiments show that AI can be a powerful tool. This allows weather forecasters to focus on understanding the implications of their forecasts without analyzing the ever-growing mountain of data.”

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