Acne star | 5 Consequences of acne scars

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Acne is a common problem in adolescence. Which also causes uncomfortable conditions on the skin of the face. Acne star mainly affects people in their late teens and early twenties. But not everyone will be reduced. Some acne can be easily cured by treatment or by itself, but some acne can be cured and come back again and again. Acne can have many different types. As complex as acne is, it can be cured with treatment. However, some types of acne take a little time to heal.

If the pores of the skin become blocked or blocked, excess oil and sebum secretion increase the chances of acne. It can be caused by a bacterial infection called Propionibacterium acnes. Early-stage acne is called comedones. It is like blackheads or white granules on the face. Acne is caused by a bacterial infection called acne. It is a little big, painful, and has pus inside. Acne is the most common type of acne.

Acne star | 5 Consequences of acne scars

Reasons: Consequences of acne scars | acne star

Adolescence is a major factor in acne. As the endogenous hormone increases in the body during adolescence, the incidence of acne also increases. Doctors treat adolescent acne as normal and give early reassurance that acne sufferers will not be harmed in any way. In some cases, even after the age of 25, many get new acne. But there is no reason to worry. If the acne is too much or if it causes any skin problems such as spots or holes then treatment should be taken. Usually, these stains or holes do not heal in any cream, gel, or cosmetics bought from the market. Only dermatologists treat acne with long-term treatment. The most common causes of acne are chaotic lifestyle, lack of hygiene, insufficient sleep, overeating of fried or oily foods, overeating of fast food, and high intake of unsaturated fats and sugars. Sugar increases sebum secretion, which helps in acne. In addition, lack of exercise, hereditary factors, hormonal effects, use of various products without verification, metabolism problems, poor digestion of food and not drinking enough water and eating fewer vegetables and fruits, etc. The lack of toxins in the body is also considered to be one of the causes of acne.

Acne stings:

Many people get rid of acne when it is a little itchy or if it comes out in a small size, then they can make the wound bigger by scratching it with their nails or melting it with their hands. It is very harmful for acne. Because we have some bacteria in our hands or nails which can come in contact with the skin and cause more damage. It can even penetrate deep into the skin and cause infections and blemishes on the skin. According to doctors, acne is the body’s protest against closed pores and bacteria. If there is a little itching or pain, it is possible to disrupt the normal healing process of the body by scratching the nails and exacerbating the inflammation of acne. Acne can have serious psychological consequences, especially acne.

Facial skin irritation:

Acne mainly affects people in the area of ​​the scalp and can be caused by smallpox.

Increased spots on facial skin:

Acne can cause permanent scarring on the skin when it is constantly scratched with nails, which is a threat to beautiful skin. Once these spots appear on the skin, it is time-consuming and expensive to cure.

Peeling your own facial skin: Acne peeling with your nails means you are not only removing pus, you are also peeling your own skin! Wounds that are caused by pus, bacteria, are actually holes in your skin. That means you are piercing your own skin by scratching the pimples with your nails.

Finally, it is important to be aware of the dangers of nail polish. If the inflammation of acne is more, dermatologists or aesthetic doctors can give the solution. At present, there are many advanced treatments for acne and we also do it in our organization. The treatment is based on the type of acne. If you want, you can easily get the solution by seeking the help of a specialist doctor.

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