10 tips to reduce toothache

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10 tips to reduce toothache. Hi Hope everyone is well. Today I will give you 10 tips to reduce toothache. Which we can reduce with natural ingredients. Toothache is very painful. Let’s see how to reduce toothache.

10 Tips to reduce toothache

1. Keep rinsing with salt mixed with hot water as long as possible. Toothache will decrease.

2. Soak a cotton ball in vanilla soaked water and hold it on the teeth. It will reduce the teeth.

3. Chew a little ginger with the affected tooth. Toothache will reduce a lot.

4. Applying apple cider vinegar on a cotton ball and holding it against the tooth will reduce the pain.

5. Crush the garlic and press it on the root of the tooth with salt. You will get relief from toothache.

6. Eat hot tea liquor without sugar and milk. Tooth decay will get a lot of relief.

7. Mix a pinch of salt with clove oil and rub it on the base of the affected tooth. It reduces the toothache.

8. A few drops of lemon juice on the affected tooth reduces tooth pain.

9. Place a piece of fresh onion on the affected gums or teeth to reduce toothache.

We should follow some rules every day because of which we can keep our teeth good. Every night we should rinse with salt mixed with Kushum Gharam water because of which our teeth will always be good and every night before going to bed brush our teeth and go to sleep because if we don’t brush our teeth at night insects Attacks may increase in size and bra crunch after breakfast

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